About us

Wamow.co is the first automated business oriented match-making platform that offers the quality of human interaction combined with the power of digital growth. Wamow.co sets new standards to professional matchmaking online solutions oriented towards deal closing.
wamow.co is the best place on the web to present one’s need and the best place to emphasize one’s expertise through the proposal of a solution to the the counterpart’s need. We provide medium and small sized companies access to the same firepower that big groups enjoy.
Thanks to its top quality algorithms and more than 30 years of ad hoc experience wamow.co helps understand and present the key points of your need and find the experts able to guide you through the reformulation and the implementation of your business issue.
We are now at the intersection of two worlds, a work environment that changes for the long run, that of long careers within the same firm, that of mono-activity, that also of an income based on returns from the prestige of your degree.
We are entering a world made of multi-activities, a world in which technology can be your worst enemy, or your best ally.
It is our collective choice to shape such future for the worst or for the best.
The three founders, experts in their business sectors, started from this observation. wamow.co is a SaaS solution thought by the operationals for the operationals.
Our algorithms reformulate your issue, identify the most interesting experts and create simple ways of connecting people through an interface centered around parties’ comprehension and straightforwardness. We offer both time saving and financial gain by providing some key functions to the support for non explicit needs in an environment in which the stakes of interaction are high.
No freelancing, just consulting !

Our team

David Melki 
Co-Founder - CEO

Arnaud Franquinet Co-Founder - Business Development

Esther Zerdoun - Co-Founder - Evaluation Methodologies

Ana Stanescu - Coordination and Development Manager

Quentin Burgess -

Kevine Zerbib -
IT & Cybersecurity Advisor

Philippe Fraysse -
Senior Advisor

Julien Muresianu -
AI Advisor

Harold Lafond-
General Counsel

Alexandre Mandryka - Gamification Advisor